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Month: December 2017

Providing Health Insurance For a Conjugal Partner in California

This is one and the some as the case of matrimony in California What has been observed in California is that there is no major distinction between a married couple and a couple living in concubinage. This is for the purposes of providing health insurance to one's spouse. What was put in place to take care of this was the Domestic Partnership Registry, but it sees the provisions under this machinery did not provide sufficient coverage to those living in concubinage. There were a lot of violations to this and this led to a lot of reforms, giving such people one and the same right as those living in matrimony. Five years ago, the California Insurance Equality Act was passed and this piece if legislation maintained that health insurance must be wholly provided to those living together, but not under the status of being married. For these types of people to claim any benefits under such status, they must always make known the status of their living together to the Declaration of Domestic Partnership in the State of California. This new legislation has extended it arms to benefit even same sex partners living together and even those who are still dependent on such spouses. It should be noted that those living under a same sex union could not benefit from such a scheme as provided by the Consolidated Omnibus...

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Your Best Wine Tour of California Napa Valley Wineries!

o Do not Get Drunk. It's called wine tasting, which means you have to pace yourself. Drink too much, and you will not appreciate the delicate flavors (you may not even be able to remember your name!). See the tour as a way of educating your palate-if you're just after the alcohol, stay home and drink a couple of six packs. o Drink Lots of Water. Most of us do not drink wine for several hours a day. So, your body may be a little "shocked" by the alcohol intake, and you could wake up with a bad headache or an upset stomach. To avoid this, drink plenty of water between wine tastings. This will help you flush the alcohol out of your system. o Use the Dump Buckets. You do not have to swallow everything. You can just taste the wine and then spit it out, especially if you do not really like it. o Keep a Wine Journal. It'll be hard to remember all the names and qualities of all the wine you tasted. So, bring a note book and list your favorite vineyards, varietals and vintages that you really, really loved. o Go Beyond the Wine. Yes, it's a wine tour, but there are other things you can do in and around Napa Valley wineries. Explore the beautiful grounds and gardens. Enjoy the breeze, the golden...

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When to List Your Item For Sale on eBay

If you think listing an item at anytime of day will make your listing equally as successful, think again. What may be convenient for you, say 4:00 pm on a weekday when you're not in classes, or at work, may not be ideal for someone else. eBay's listings end on 24 hour intervals, no matter what time of day you start them on. So if you listed an item to begin at 4:00 pm CST, that would be 2:00 pm on the west coast (when generally people are not home on a given weekday). So if you want to discourage bidders say in California or British Columbia from bidding, I would not suggest listing an item as this time. Never use a 1-day listing unless you want to sell something that is time sensitive, such as concert tickets at the last minute for example. You also have to be an established member of the eBay community to even have the option to serve a 1-day listing. Typically, when do most people have the greatest amount of spare time? On the weekends. Choose to list your items based upon the schedule of society. Typically, the most successful listing times for me have been as follows: Thursday night between 6:00 and 8:00 CST. (3-day listing) Sunday night between 8:00 and 9:00 CST. (3-day listing) Here's why I've found these times to...

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How to Make a Good Agent Go Bad

Consider the situation – a new agent goes to school and enters the field of real estate ready and eager to do it all correctly. This agent is a good, moral person with high ethical standards – determined to do business in a way that will "Make Mama proud." One of the things this agent learned in school is how to do a market analysis – to determine just how much a home should bring in a given market by making comparisons to homes that have recently sold, homes currently for sale, and homes that expired off the market without selling. Sometimes there comes an opportunity to use this skill – a potential listing client calls and requests the agent to come and tell him what his home is worth. The agent views the home and takes careful notes and photographs, then goes back to the office and begins to work. He or she chooses the most similar homes from each of the three categories in the MLS book, then makes careful comparisons and adjustments. The agent arrives at a suggested selling price that appears to be "right on." The potential seller is given the results and tells the agent something like: "Thanks, we'll think it over and get back to you." A week or so later the agent pulls up the hot sheet on the MLS website and...

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LCD Projectors for Sale

Do you want to continue to be at the cutting edge of technology with high-end presentation products? Do you want to keep your audience glued to you and the vibrant graphics and clear characters of your presentation? Whether you are presenting to 10 or 10,000 people, there is bound to be an LCD projector that is perfect for you. Here is a simple guide on what to look for when you want to purchase one. Resolution The first consideration to look for when shopping for an LCD projector is resolution. Resolution is the number of light dots (called pixels) per square inch of the image produced. The higher the number of the pixels, the clearer and tighter your image will be. Also, if your LCD projector of choice is high in resolution, the image you can broadcast can be enlarged to greater degrees. If your lecture or presentation is heavy on graphics and high quality color, or if you need to present to a large crowd, then you will need an LCD projector with high resolution. Brightness Since the image your LCD projector will broadcast is projected with a high-powered light bulb, you will also want to consider how bright a projection you will need. Again, the brighter the image you project, the farther away it can be seen. This is an important consideration for people thinking of presenting...

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