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Month: January 2018

New Manufactured Home Foundation Essentials – 2 Must Have Upgrades

When purchasing and installing a new Manufactured Home, there are two upgrades that are recommended. They are installing a Vapor Barrier and Earthquake Bracing. Each is explained here: Mobile Home Vapor Barrier A Vapor Barrier for a Mobile or Manufactured home is a sheet of thick, rubbery plastic that goes directly over the dirt under a Mobile or Manufactured home. The foundation piers then rest on top of this barrier. You really need to make sure a home you buy or have installed has this protection. Mobile and Manufactured homes need dry ventilation underneath. This barrier will prevent any moisture from damaging the home – especially rotting of the floors, but also helping with fungus, mold, and termites. Making sure that a vapor barrier is installed before you buy a Mobile or Manufactured home is absolutely necessary. And the additional cost is very minimal considering the amount of protection you gain. If you are buying a mobile or manufactured home that is already on a space, but with no vapor barrier, then you can hire a contractor to install a vapor barrier under the home. They will just have to cut pieces that will go around the pier-and-post foundation and all piping in place. This is not ideal, but way better than no barrier at all. Mobile Home Earthquake Bracing Earthquake bracing is recommended in California, and elsewhere earthquakes...

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How To Give Her The MOST INTENSE Orgasms Of Her Life (7 Types of Orgasms And 7 Hot Sex Tips)

Women love to be slowly tantalized, and driven slowly, past the brink to a shuddering conclusion! You can do it with 7 different orgasms and using 7 different tips. How can you lose with these PROVEN techniques? This is a mind blower! Use extreme caution – because you need a place where she can scream, convulse, and go nuts! 1st Technique. You want to start at the top, her head and go south. Give her a no-touch orgasm by stimulating her brain. You can do that by describing, in great detail, with her feedback, how you’re going to give her orgasms. Make sure start with a hot fantasy or sex game that she wants. Make it tailored to her. If you get her involvement she will be really hot. This can be a very, very intense and large orgasm. 2nd Technique. Now, go down to her breasts and give her a breast orgasm. You can do that by teasing her at first on her nipples. Then slowly add more and more sucking pressure. The more of her breast that you can place into your mouth the better it will be. Ask her for feedback. You don’t want to hurt her but you want to use the maximum suction pressure. 3rd Technique. Heading down, you take your clitoris in your mouth and slowly suck it. Then you lick the end...

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California Blue Cross Health Insurance – An Overview

Blue Cross of California, one of the state's largest and most respected healthcare providers, has been in business for over 60 years. As times have changed, so has the company – making sure the almost 7 million people they serve get adequate health insurance. The numbers are impressive – Blue Cross of California boasts more than 40,000 preferred provider physicians, 27,000 HMO doctors, and almost 4,000 vision providers. The company has over 400 participating hospitals and medical facilities. Blue Cross employs around 6500 employees statewide. Not surprisingly, Blue Cross offers a wide range of plans and services ranging from several different medical and dental plans to disability and life insurance. Their wide range of plans, services and deductibles means a health plan for everyone, regardless of income or situation. They also offer several dental and vision plans as well as the workers' compensation coverage, as required under state law. Blue cross also offers health insurance under its "tonik health" subsidiary, aimed at young active people and priced with several different deductible plans offered. Obtaining prescription drugs is inexpensive and convenient under most Blue Cross plans. The company administers prescription drugs and medication through its subsidiary company called Wellpoint. The company also offers a diverse array of specialist insurance products such as COBRA coverage, flexible spending accounts and pharmacy benefit management. Blue Cross of California has a strong track record...

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2 Easy And Completely Natural Steps To Help Make Your Penis THICKER!

The thicker your erection, the more intense her orgasms will be. Having a robust penis size is most certainly a guaranteed way to stimulate the vagina like nothing else. With that said, most men lack girth with their erections… and as a result, most women these days either fake their orgasms or simply don’t reach one! But don’t worry… if you currently don’t lack girth with your penis erection, in today’s article I’m going to share with you 2 easy and completely natural steps you can follow to make your penis thicker. Step 1: The first rule of penis enlargement is blood flow. If you have proper blood circulation in your body, then not only will you help with getting a bigger penis erection, you’ll also have harder erections as well (not to mention better overall health). Now, to improve blood circulation naturally (this means avoiding enhancement pills), I recommend you take natural supplements and eat the right foods… The best supplements to take are Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E, and Garlic. Before you start taking these supplements, I strongly recommend you consult your physician before doing so (especially if you are currently on any blood thinner medication). The best foods to eat are foods high in Vitamin E (such as nuts), garlic, grass fed beef, dark green veggies, and berries. Most of these foods not only help with blood...

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Business Entities for Professionals in California

California is a notoriously unfriendly state for business. This reputation extends to business entities for professionals practicing in the state. California is a state with a very unique view towards business. Most business entities, for instance, are required to pay an $ 800 fee for the "privilege of doing business" in the state. This fee is in addition to any other fees charged in relation to the formation or maintenance of the business. When it comes to professionals in the state, the state laws are fairly strict about what can be done from a business entity standpoint. The first question, however, is who qualifies as a professional. Only in California could this be such a borrowed question. A medical professional such as a surgeon is strictly within the scope of the restrictive laws, but engineers are not. A speech-language specialist is, but an architect may not be. Limited liability partnerships may also be a possibility for certain professionals. As you can see, no professional should assume he or she is or is not covered without a close review of the laws. Licensed professionals in California are often very surprised to find that they have limited choices when it comes to forming a business entity to protect them. For instance, professionals are prohibited from forming a limited liability company for their practice. Instead, most are limited to forming a professional...

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