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Month: August 2018

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

Deciding whether or not to use a real estate agent when you buy or sell your next home is a question that you might have asked yourself in the past. If you are not sure if it would be beneficial to use a Real Estate Agent, maybe this article can help. The 2011 profile of homebuyers and sellers created and distributed by the National Association of Realtors shows that For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s) accounted for only 10% of home sales. Also the average FSBO listing sold for $150,000 while the average real estate agent assisted home sold for $215,000. While many people think that they can save time and money by selling the home on their own, this is often not the case. They also usually don’t always understand the trials that come along with selling their home FSBO. The Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers show the hardest tasks for a FSBO are: • Understanding the housing market and listing their home at the right price. • Understanding the paperwork involved and correctly filling everything out. • Having enough time to devote to all aspects of the sale. This would be marketing the home, showing the home, responding to phone calls and emails about the home, etc. • Determining whether or not they should spend extra money to prepare or fix up the home. • Selling the home...

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An Honest, Critical Review of the Dani Johnson Scam

Who is Dani Johnson? Dani Johnson began her career in the Network Marketing industry as a broke, homeless cocktail waitress with $2.03 to her name. Within her first several hours of starting her new business, she had made several thousand dollars of profit. She made more than $250,000 her first year, and more than $1,000,000 her second year, becoming the #1 international producer in her company. Since that time, she has founded Call To Freedom International, and travels around the world teaching whoever will listen (or, whoever can afford to listen, as we shall see) her principles of success. Can She Help Me Succeed? That depends. You’ve probably visited Dani’s site and seen the impressive array of testimonials from people of all walks of life. Her website boasts well more than 10,000 unique testimonials from people of all over the world. Pretty impressive, to say the least. My personal experience with Dani Johnson is not that inspiring. I first ran into Dani’s teaching when I was living in Fairbanks, Alaska. At the time, I was for the first time in my life making a significant income from my company, around $4,000 a month only working about 2 hours a day. My organization was growing by 30-40% a month and I was really enjoying the process. I came across Dani’s teachings and really believed it would take me to the...

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Historical Mines of Coober Pedy

The town that has been supplying 80% of the country's mined opal can be found in Flinders Ranges. The city name is Coober Pedy- the opal capital of the world. It's 846 km north of Adelaide and a home to 3,500 residents of diverse ethnicities. Correspondingly, there were few residents in the place prior to the discovery of opal. Regardless of the changing hot temperature, migrants in city retained their Flinders Ranges accommodation hoping to find fortune in opal mining. Mining began as early as 1915 when a four-year old boy found an opal in the area. Currently, opal mining is still ongoing and the old mining places have been given great importance to the place. One will find three pioneering mining spots in the city previously The Old Timers Mine, Faye's Underground Home and Opal Mine and Umoona Opal Mine and Museum The Old Timers Mine was established in 1916. It is one of the Flinders Ranges attractions that become a part of South Australia's leading tourist attraction. The museum conveys much about the early mining field of the place. It displays underground houses of miners, information galleries, and collections of opal jewelry. The galleries depicts how pioneer miners struggle to drill down for opals. There were sculptures of pioneer miners doing specific chores. Among the sculpted old miners are Jim O'Neill, George Burford, Ben Mohr, Mick O'Reilly,...

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School Homecoming Prom, Dance, and Party Ideas and Themes

Is your student body planning a high school prom, dance, or party? Do you need ideas for your themes? Well look no further we can help spark your creative juices by going over several factors that determine a successful prom. High School Homecoming Most High School Homecomings are organized by Student Council Advisors. Now the main idea for a homecoming is to promote school spirit. The planning that goes into a homecoming or party is not as involved as your High School Prom. This does not mean that the decorations should get overlooked at your schools homecoming. We will discuss those ideas later. High School Prom At a majority of High Schools, their Proms are planned by the Junior Class Prom Committee. The prom is the send off for the school’s upper class students. There can be two separate proms depending on the size of your junior and senior class. Some schools in different districts go as far as to combine proms due to smaller class sizes. Since the High School Prom is a formal event, it is usually receives more attention and funding. High School Homecoming Dance Ideas So you and your committee are looking for ideas for your homecoming, dance, or party. Your themes depend mostly on the traditions of your school. Try to tie in what your school mascot. If your party or dance is something...

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How to Use Phosphoload

One of the challenges urban gardeners face is limited space in their gardens for vertical plant growth. Not only can plants grow too tall for the space one has, as they get taller, the lower parts of the plant will require supplemental lighting. As a result, indoor gardeners use different techniques to keep their plants from growing too tall. For example, one could use a trellis over the canopy and train the plants to grow horizontally instead of vertically. Furthermore, there is a supplement that can stop vertical plant growth and instead create more lateral growth. The supplement is called Phosphoload. Phosphoload makes use of advanced gains in plant technology. It actually pulls out special isolates from coal that came from humates. The humatic isolates are strong rare earth elements. When they are mixed with the technology found in Phosphoload, the result is faster flowering with bigger buds. As mentioned earlier, after using this supplement your plants will stop their vertical growth almost instantly and instead will focus on producing big clusters of flowers laterally. Not only will Phosphoload create more lateral growth, it will create larger flowers and increase yield up to 30%. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, it can also reduce the time it takes a plant to reach full maturity. Using Phosphoload does come with some risk. If it’s not used correctly, you...

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