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Month: May 2019

Houses in Philippines – Building Great Homes For Future Generations

With the most number of places in the Philippines including the largest mall in Asia, SM is a pioneer in making progress. Over the years, SMalls have become the favorite place for shopping, fun, relaxation and recreation for the family – making SM malls their second home. With this reality, SM Development Corporation (SMDC), a fast-rising residential property developer committed to bring what people love most about its places to its homes. SMDC of SM Residences homes that have everything a cosmopolitan lifestyle needs, giving your family more reasons to smile – premium locations close to SM Malls, a distinct character for each community featuring top-notch amenities, available in affordable financing plans and many communities to chose from. Chateau Elysee is a condoville with 6 condominium clusters, near the SM city Bicutan in Paranaque. Charming, accessible and cozy, it is complete with first class amenities, with courtyards, promenades and clubhouse – all build in an enchanting French – Mediterranean design. Mezza Residences Connected to SM City Sta. Mesa is an exclusive Sybridge, Mezza Residences is a 4-tower condominium that offers spacious living with a relaxing architectural design that combines pictures windows and high ceilings. Located in the heart of Sta. Mesa, it is close to service retail outlets, caf├ęs and specialty shops. Lindenwood Residences – Only 5 minutes away from Alabang directly accessible from the South Luzon Expressway through...

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Cyprus Property For Sale and a Cyprus Country Map

Cyprus is located on the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa in the north-eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea. It covers a total of 9,251 square kilometers, with the longest length being 225 kilometers and longest width 97 kilometers. A Cyprus country map shows that the natural wealth of the island is the result of the changes of nature through time. The variety of landscapes, such as mountains, plains, valleys, cliffs, gorges, caves and steep cliffs as seen on a Cyprus country map makes Cyprus property for sale popular as it is available in so many diverse locations. Buying a villa holiday home in Cyprus in easy and many of the procedures are similar to those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Cypriot legal system and Land Registry are based on the British equivalent and have many safeguards that are not available in other countries, even within the European Union. The Cyprus country map shows that the island is small, but has many different vistas and landscapes and Cyprus property for sale can range from a small studio apartment to a bespoke luxury villa. These can be used for holiday homes, to be rented out when not in use by their owners and friends. There are also many people who are choosing to relocate to Cyprus, especially since joining the European Union as the restrictions on...

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Know How Estate Agents Value Properties For Sale

Every homeowner wants to sell his or her property for its maximum value. And, too often they end up choosing an estate agent simply on the basis of whoever provides them with the biggest initial valuation. However, this will be a costly mistake. What your house is valued at matters. If you get the estimate wrong, it might sell for a price, less than what the actual worth of the property is. On the flip side, even overpriced houses will put off prospective buyers from viewing your house. Moreover, hefty selling prices can even result in a long wait before any good offer comes in or might not sell at all. Getting the valuation done right agent is thus recommended. Here are a few aspects estate agents take into consideration during property valuation! Few Factors Estate Agents Keep In Mind While Valuing A Property 1. Local Amenities During property valuation, one of the major factors which can drive up the selling price is the actual area where the house is situated in. Aspects such as how close the house is to schools, shopping malls, banks, restaurants and parks definitely affect the final selling price. A property which has good transport links will get a much better price than the house that’s located in secluded places. 2. Size When it comes to getting your property valued, the size of your...

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Real Estate For Sale In Lauro De Freitas

For those who are looking for a home near Salvador without investing a lot of money, Lauro de Freitas offers some great options. Unlike some of the more upmarket locations near Salvador, the real estate for sale in Lauro de Freitas offers both apartments and houses, which allows it to cater to a wider market segment. Lauro de Freitas is located about 15 km towards the northeast of Salvador. It is an urban area with a lot of commercial activity and is a major contributor to the growth in the region. Despite being an urban area, the town has its own share of natural beauty with hills, plateaus and tablelands covered in greenery. It has three rivers running through it and has about 6 km of lovely beaches. The three most famous beaches here are Vilas do Atlantico, Ipitanga and Buraquinho. Overview In Lauro de Freitas you will find comfortable apartments in modern urban style layouts which conserve space, but provide all facilities. Most apartments are new and you also have the option of buying an apartment under construction with planned delivery in about a year. Depending on the price that you are willing to pay, you can find homes in both upmarket areas and areas with relatively lower costs. It is also possible to buy land in developed condos with common facilities. You can also look for good...

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Know Your Goals Before You "Improve" A Home for Sale

So, you have a house you're planning to sell. Maybe you've lived in it for a while or maybe it has been a rental. Either way, you know it needs to be cleaned up and updated before you put it on the market to get the most money on the sale. Can you run down to The Home Depot and pick up some paint and flooring, or do you need to spend a little more time (and possibly a little more money), thinking about what you really want to accomplish? We would recommend the latter: make sure you know what you want to get out of the sale, and act accordingly. Do you: 1) Want to sell it fast, with as little time and energy spent as possible? 2) Want to maximize your profits and have the time to spend fixing it up yourself? 3) Want to split the difference, sell high, but as quickly as possible? Or something else? If your goal is # 1 (Sell Fast), you may want to consider selling to an investor. Investors buy at less than market value, but can frequently take a home off your hands in a few weeks or less and may be much less picky about the condition of the property. Some investors will pay 70% of what they think they can sell the property for when fixed up,...

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