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Month: July 2019

Gear Up for Down Payments on Houses for Sale

Would not it be nice if buying houses for sale was like the latest new car promotion? "No down payment, no interest for 12 months!" Sure, and we'd love it if Revenue Canada just "took our word for it" on what we owed this year. Where has the trust gone? But until things change, you'll have to deal with the reality of down payment requirements when planning your next home purchase. In an ideal world, that means putting up 20 per cent of the purchase price and avoiding that nasty high-rate mortgage insurance. If you're like most buyers though, the 5 per cent minimum is more realistic. The challenge is that with many homes selling for $ 300,000 and up these days, even 5 per cent, or $ 15,000, can be daunting for the first time homebuyer. However, with a little resourcefulness and knowledge of the options, your prospects for managing that critical down payment will be looking up in no time. Save it Up Maybe because they did not accept VISA on the Mayflower, our ancestors learned to buy things the hard way: By saving for them. It's a strategy we'd do well to emulate, especially when looking at houses for sale. Once you figure out the price range you'll be shopping in and what that translates to for a down payment, decide on your time frame and...

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The Vacation Sales Cold Call Script

If you have been hunting around for a cold call script, take a look at this one. The destination vacation is a big money operation. People who make 1,000 calls per week generally find 100 interested prospects that turn into 50 paid customers using scripts like this one. Everyone tweaks a word here and there in scripts and this one is no different. Sit with your sales manager for approval on the wording and then try this script out on your next 100 calls and see if it makes a difference. “Hello, is __________ there? Hello, my name is _________, calling from _______________ How are you today? (Customer’s first name) I see that you filled out a survey form and expressed interest in a Hawaii vacation. Our company has just released our VIP Invitations for vacations to Hawaii and your name is on that list! I am calling to make sure you want to take advantage of this discounted Hawaii vacation offer. Mr/Ms_______________________what do you think? If you have pen and paper,I’ll give you all my information so you can start planning. Again, my name is ________ and this is through _____________________________. This Hawaii vacation package is for 4 days and 3 nights on Maui. Your airline will be _____________________________. You will be staying at the Hotel __________________ for 4 days and 3 nights. If you need other airline...

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Properties for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul was first settled by Thracian tribes at 6th millennium BC From that time until today, Istanbul has been a popular city due to its geopolitical position and being on two continents; therefore it is a land that different cultures and religions came together, lived peacefully and have a strong bond with each other. The mixture of cultures can be seen in any part of Istanbul. Various ethnic groups, different religions and people from all around the world can live altogether and each one of them can find something in Istanbul that makes them feel like home. Taking a ferry across the Bosphorus and throw bagels to seagulls, taking a walk in the Historical Peninsula and visiting mosques and palaces, having a tea or coffee at the Camlica Hill and relax with the view of Istanbul. There are countless things you can do, see, taste, smell and experience in Istanbul. To discover what makes you feel like home you should visit Istanbul and look for properties for sale in Istanbul. One day or a week is not enough to understand and feel Istanbul. It is a lifelong experience that every single person should have, at least in some part of their lives. Once you start to consider Istanbul your second home, be sure it will not take long, you will feel like you need more and more time to...

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Four Creative Ideas to Make Use of Urban Real Estate

Urban real estate can be difficult to develop without a lot of financial capital. Anyone with an empty lot, however, can use any of these techniques to improve the neighborhood and make use of the property. Urban Gardening Urban gardening is increasingly popular, and it’s impressive how many vegetables can be produced on a single lot. With a few raised beds, it’s easy to grow greens like lettuce and arugula, plus tomatoes and larger vegetables. A single lot can provide produce for your family and friends, or it can be used as valuable real estate for community gardening. Let people in the neighborhood plant and maintain individual plots, and everyone can have an opportunity to improve the diet in their household. Tiny House Construction Another popular movement in America is the shift toward smaller living spaces. A tiny house can be constructed on a trailer chassis and provide more than enough space for one or two adults. Zoning laws can be a complicating factor in many cities, and some areas may prevent people from residing in a tiny house on wheels. Even if the tiny house cannot be your legal residence, you can still use the space to construct two or three houses and display them for sale. Buyers can move the homes to a trailer park or suburb with less stringent zoning laws before living inside. Unlike the...

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California Missions

From 1769 to 1823, Spain built missions all along the California coast in their conquest to convert the indigenous people to Christianity and as strongholds for their newly claimed territories. Twenty-one Spanish missions can be found along the ‘King’s Highway’ in California, which is today Highway 101. California Missions are the oldest structures in state and feature early churches, cemeteries, bell towers, garden courtyards, living quarters and more. They once served as trade centers for food, grain, hides, wine and more. Today, they are tourist attractions and some are still active churches. The majority of the missions can be found on the Central Coast of California. Some are easily accessible in touristy towns like Carmel, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara while others including the San Antonio, San Miguel and La Purisima Missions are in more remote regions. San Juan Bautista Mission is one of the largest and was known as the ‘Mission of Music’. It was also prominently featured in the Hitchcock classic, Vertigo. The Carmel Mission was known as the ‘Crown Jewel of the Missions’ for its beautiful grounds and location at the mouth of the Carmel River. It is also the burial place of Padre Junipero Serra who founded most of the California Missions. The impressive Santa Barbara Mission was known as the ‘Queen of the Missions’ for its size and beauty. The Santa Inez Mission...

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