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Month: September 2019

Issues That Ail a Business For Sale

Selling a business is no easy business. In fact, more often than we would like, a business for sale gets all the way through escrow … only to fall out right toward the end, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the reasons are legit; others times they are downright silly. Here we will address the top issues that stop a business from selling: 1. An overpriced business: This should be as obvious as the morning sun, but it is the number one overarching reason businesses do not get sold. The sellers are asking more than the business is worth. A broker should be able to get a fairly accurate idea of ​​what a business is worth based on the gross sales, the expenses, the assets, and the market. But a lot of brokers either fail to tell the seller the bad news, namely that "the business is not worth what you are asking", or they don't really know how to find out and let the seller determine the price, where higher is always assumed better. For whatever the reason, overpricing kills a sale. Buyers either won't offer on something they think is grossly overpriced – or – in reaction to an unrealistic price they compensate by making an offensively low offer. 2. An unmotivated seller: If a seller really doesn't care if the business sells or not, and is...

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How to Safeguard Your Home Against External Fires

No matter if you live in a rural or urban area there is always a danger of fire from an outside source spreading to your home. The perimeter of your home is a great place to look at when it comes to fire prevention. There are a lot of things that can be done to help reduce the possibility of fire spreading to your home. Begin by removing any dead or dying shrubs. Dead foliage can ignite and spread within seconds. Trim all of the trees that you have on your property. Be sure to remove any dead limbs and prune any branches that are hanging over or touching the exterior of your home. Be sure to keep your lawn height at a minimum level. Wild grass tends to spark easily and burns aggressively. Another area that should be addressed is your alley. Keep all trash receptacles at least 5 feet from your back fence. This will keep any trash fires that may occur contained in the trash container and away from additional fuel like wooden fences. Refrain from using the alley as a place to dump grass trimmings, pruned branches or other discarded items. If you are trying to "Go Green" think about trading in some of your unused lawn areas into gravel or use rockscaping as a way to not only reduce your homes susceptibility to an...

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Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells For Sale – Why Lowest List Price Should Not Be Your First Consideration!

Are you looking for cheap adjustable dumbbells for sale? If so, it does make sense to shop for the best deal you can find – good fitness equipment can be expensive! But although you may be tempted to just grab the lowest priced set on the store shelf and hit the door, you owe it to yourself and your safety, health and fitness to consider more than just the retail price when making your selection. This article will help you compare the top features of three best selling adjustable dumbbell sets and when you read to the end, you will also find out why you should not be overly concerned with list price when choosing a set to add to your home gym. First, let's take a look at the three systems in no particular order. 1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells This is an extremely easy to use, compact set up that uses a locking system to attach weight plates in different combinations onto the rod. By spinning the dials at the end of the rod as it sits on all of the weights in the base-plate, you can select weight from 5 pounds up to 52.5 pounds in 2.5 pound increments (up to 25 pounds). For those who are building strength gradually, being able to choose such small incremental increases allows you to lift the proper weight...

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Don't Be Afraid to Make Money Today Using Lease-Purchase Options

Most Realtors are only aware, not just focused, on closing a traditional escrow whether distressed, short sale, or profitable for the home owner. That means that at best, even in an all cash transaction, Realtors could never get paid faster than in 10 days. The Real Estate market is improving. Existing home inventory is down to about a seven month supply (six months is traditionally normal) this is a big improvement in recent circumstances. So what would it take to get paid right now? The fastest way to make an impact in the short term is to identify a BIG problem, and create the solution. So let's work together and determine; what is the BIG problem? The Wall Street Journal recently reported that current existing housing inventory was at a seven month supply. As stated above a six month supply is closer to normal under traditional market conditions. So, that would indicate to astute Realtors that things are improving. However, a surplus of existing homes still exists. This works to create downward pressure on local median sales price points. So, the BIG problem is that there are simply too many homes on the market for sale. A contributing factor to the housing surplus is that although interest rates continue to sit at their lowest point in decades, there are fewer qualified buyers purchasing homes. Some fully qualified buyers are...

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Builders and New Homes for Sale, What to Look for

The luxury housing market is experiencing some exciting conditions across the country. Existing homes for sale are staying low and dynamic, and custom home builders are being employed more than any other time in recent years. Usually when new home construction is up, existing homes won't sell as much; but this is not the case. Due to a steadily rebounding housing market and low interest rates, the market is poised for massive growth. Sadly, unscrupulous builders are seeking to take the opportunity of this dynamic market to trick potential buyers with poorly built, inefficient models at low prices. The question becomes; when browsing the housing market, how can an inexperienced buyer tell if he or she is getting the best deal possible? We've prepared a breakdown of a few indicators to judge the integrity of a luxury home for sale, and the custom home builder who built it. Price First of all, a clearly undercut price will seem appealing, but it should be an immediate red flag. While some are true, there are great deals out there on brand new homes just waiting to get picked up; mostly, homes are selling closest to their actual value, not beneath it. The reason why home buying hasn't slowed down is because interest rates are lower than they've ever been on loans, making for an almost simultaneous buyers AND sellers market. If...

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