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Month: October 2019

News for Los Angeles: New Apartments Coming in 2016, But Rents Expected to Rise

Los Angeles has long been one of the costliest cities in California. Its reputation is such that the real estate media writes about an "affordability crisis" that is brewing in the Golden State. Realty reports show that the California home premium – the difference between California median house prices and US house price medians – doubled in the last four years, from $ 126,000 in 2011 to $ 255,000 right now. And prices continue to climb. The City is also notorious for its growing chasm between rich and poor. Rich manage to snag the homes. Poor crouch on the street. Less poor are regularly evicted from their apartments due to being unable to pay the rent. Buildings are erected – but for commercial use only. Finally, after pens broken, keyboards clicked, microphones pressed on and off and lots of invitations to attend meetings dedicated to redressing the problem, the City of Los Angeles has come to some sort of solution. It will erect more apartments. That's the news for 2016. Background Housing prices are steeper than the famous skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles. Rental prices are no better. The Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) of Harvard University recently showed that in prime areas such as San Francisco and Los Angeles almost 60 percent of renters consumed too much of their income for a roof over their heads. About...

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How To Make Your House For Sale Stand Out From The Crowd

People who can afford the luxury want their homes close to amenities that support their lifestyle. The proximity to the finest goods and services is part of the purchase decision. Your best potential buyers have an active social life and look for amenities such as high-end boutiques, museums, art galleries, concert halls, five star restaurants, catering, and spas. If you are like most sellers, you want to get as much as possible for your home and you want to do it as quickly as possible. But of all of the houses in Short Hills New Jersey, how do you make your home the one everyone wants? Make a Presale Investment The more repairs and upgrades you make, the more attractive your home becomes to those looking at Short Hills New Jersey real estate. Take an inventory of the features you have already and decide what investments you are willing to make to appeal to buyers. Some homeowners add a fresh coat of paint to their home, which will bring life back into a fading color. Others repair or upgrade their lighting scheme. Lighting is a tool any good upscale home design uses to the maximum effect. Natural light is, of course, extremely important and can be achieved with large windows, glass walls, and skylights. Turn on the lights and open the blinds and draperies to create a bright and...

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Silicon Valley and Portola Valley Real Estate

Silicon Valley real estate has earned quite a name for itself; the area is part of the posh San Francisco Bay area and is in high demand with the growth of jobs in the technology sector. There are homebuyers rushing into Silicon Valley to buy houses of their choice. It will be best if you hire the services of an experienced real estate agent who will give you the right advice when buying homes in this area. When contacting a realtor, clearly state the amount you can afford to spend on a house, your choice of the location, and other suitable requirements. These factors will help the realtor find you the ideal home that meets your specifications. You can also search online for further options like Menlo Park or Portola Valley houses in California. If you are looking for home rentals in Menlo Park, you are looking at the right place. The Portola Valley real estate market is quite competitive; you will need the help of an experienced real estate agent when buying houses here. Portola Valley offers homebuyers a range of housing opportunities including custom built dwellings. The modern Mediterranean and custom homes that are available for sale in Portola Valley come with features like lofty rooms, wine tasting salons, libraries and saltwater pools. If you are looking for condominiums and town homes in the area, know that...

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Homes For Sale Sell Faster When Decluttered

You have decided that your house in Mississauga has come to its useful end and now it is time to sell. Wondering if you need to make any improvements in order to get top dollar, you call in 3 Mississauga real estate agents for their opinion. Aside from telling you the same story about placing your home on the MLS system and advertising in the local newspaper 2 of them don't have much else to suggest. The third one however tells you he will not start marketing the property until you have decluttered the whole house. You are caught off guard at this response and become a little defensive. You promise the agent that your Mississauga home will be neat, tidy and clean for buyers to come through. But that is not what the agent is talking about. You and your family have spent many happy years in this Mississauga house evidenced by the many family photos, kids sporting trophies, awards and general nick knacks around the house. It is perfectly normal for you to feel attached to the home you have lived in for many years but if you have decided to move on then you will need to let go of those emotions, for a short time at least. If you are going to have difficulty letting go, ask the agent to go around the house with...

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The Best Utah Homes For Sale

Utah is a great state to be in and visit several destinations. It is rich with cultural, historical and natural destinations that make you feel great when you visit them. However, Utah is a state that has a lot of land vacant and available for people to live. You must be aware of how the population has increased in the past 4 decades and how deserted places have converted to some of the most modern looking cities of the world. Therefore, this is the best time to go for Utah homes for sale if you are looking to relocate with your family. Whether you want your children to take part in sports or get their studies in the best universities, Utah is the best place for your kids' future. Brigham Young University, University of Utah, Utah Valley State College, Weber State University, Utah State University are some of the best known universities of United States, which are located in Utah. Karl G. Maeser Prep and Park City High School are two names from many of the schools in Utah that are considered among the best ones in the country. So, when you are looking for Utah homes for sale, you can be assured that you are not compromising the studies of your children. When it comes to the fun part, Utah offers you the most of it. The Delicate...

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