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Month: December 2019

Boutique Hotels For Sale

Boutique hotels are a now familiar term which originated in North America which specifically defines the hotel experience as one of intimacy in a sheer luxury environ! The accommodation, services and facilities are primarily personalized and it is this aspect of Boutique hotels which sets them apart from the allied chain of luxury hotels and motels. There could scarcely be efficient execution of the process for those seeking Boutique hotels for sale without an enhanced awareness of the profile and salient of boutique hotels! The Origin Boutique hotels came into vogue as recently as the 1980s primarily in the mainstream cities like San Francisco, New York and London. The statistically oriented would well be enthused to learn that the first Boutique Hotel to come into existence was the Morgans hotel in Murray Hill of New York – this being the brain child of Ian Schrager. The Boutique hotels have often been variously been connoted by differing names like – design hotels and lifestyle hotels. This best backgrounds the boutique hotels and would help the potential buyer identify the growth and concept of boutique hotels and hence optimally predict the target client base that these hotels could well aspire for! The Salient Boutique hotels could well be best defined as: ► Smaller than commercially mainstreamed hotels and could have room capacity of three to a hundred rooms ► In house...

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Houses For Sale: The National Outlook Will Thrill Or Chill You

Bleak. Devastating. Disastrous. Heartbreaking. These are only some terms bandied about when surveying the national scene of houses for sale. Some folks look at the classified ads in the newspapers and cry, some cringe-others drool. If you fled the North East selling your house in say, Syracuse for some $ 150k, dipped into your nest egg or 401k for $ 100,000 more to plunk down on a spread in Fort Myers, Fl-the Sun Coast, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that if you took it from your 401k (laughingly referred to these days as your 201k) that portion of your account was saved from a stock market battering. The bad news is your Florida home has taken a worse beating and is now worth less than $ 100k (according to the National Board of Realtors Median Home Prices.) In fact you could not sell it-if you could find a buyer– and move back to Syracuse! But you could probably trade, even-up, for a home in– Rock Is. Illinois, Detroit or Toledo, OH last time the classifieds were checked. Let's say you sold your home in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, Fl in 2007 to buy a house for the same $ 350,000 in a drier, exciting locale like Las Vegas. Forget about moving back unless you shell out about $ 75000 to do so-even taking...

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Homes Sales Trends For Villas North in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is made up of several real estate sub-areas. The Villas North area is the furthest northern part of Redondo Beach. It is bounded by Marine Ave. to the north, Inglewood Ave. to the east, Artesia Blvd. to the south, and Aviation Blvd. to the east. The majority of housing in this area consists of condos and townhomes. However the area also includes the Redondo Beach Perfoming Arts Center and several Northrop Grumman buildings. Home values ​​and sales trends parallel the greater South Bay region, though the number of homes sold has not rebounded this year as has been the case in most areas of the South Bay. In 2001, a single family home could be purchased for $ 360 K on average. The average sales price had risen through the end of 2005, hitting a peak of about $ 800 K. It stayed at this level through 2007, but dropped to $ 719 K in 2008. This year-to-date, the average sales price has been $ 656 K. A typical single family home here has about 1,700 sq ft of living space. The number of single family homes selling has been pretty steady from 2001 through 2007, averaging 50 or so homes per year. Last year there were 39 single family homes sold. As a point of reference, there were 86 condos and townhomes sold last year as...

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A Simple Guide to California Home Loans

All you have to do is log on to the Internet to see how fierce competition can be when it comes to California home loans. And of course, this makes choosing the ideal loan for you all the more difficult. When comparing rates of California home loans, make sure that you consider the following factors: Loan Type There are several kinds of California home loans. Most first-time borrowers no doubt feel confused. Loans can be classified according to term, rates and use. Make sure that you research this before closing any deal with a homeowner or mortgage lender. Trusting Your Mortgage Company Always be on guard against con artists masquerading as mortgage lenders; They're a dime a dozen in California. You need to be extra cautious when you go loan-shopping. While it's infinitely better to patronize products and services from well-known companies, their fees can go beyond your budget. If you can't afford the interest rates charged by these companies, just make sure that the company you deal with is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Pre-Qualified Loan Approval A pre-qualified loan approval will only be possible if you submit all the documents required by the mortgage company, have a reliable and stable source of income as well as an excellent credit rating. Otherwise, you need to go about things the old-fashioned way: apply, then wait for the company...

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Where To Get A California Home Loan

Home loans are secured against a borrower's property. There are various types of interest charged by lenders, such as variable rate of interest and fixed rate of interest. A borrower has to repay both, loan amount and interest to repay home loans. Variable rate of interest do not have a fixed monthly charge but in fixed rate of interest, monthly charges are fixed. Home loans may be short term and long term. Borrowers may decide as to which type of loan is suitable for them. Various types of home loans are available in California, such as home purchase, home refinance loans, home equity loans, second mortgage loans, debt consolidation loans and bad credit loans. All these loans have different time periods and different rate of interest. Higher interest rates are offered in certain areas of California that are prone to earthquake. Borrowers may borrow money for purchasing a house either by visiting banks or contacting loan brokers or through a website. There are lots of websites available on Internet where borrowers may apply online. Borrowers may be able to compare rates offered by different lenders if they apply online. They may be in a position to calculate monthly installments and time needed to repay the loan in advance by availing services of such websites. Several organizations offer loans in California to suit different situations. Borrowers with bad credit score...

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