Are you considering purchasing a home in Halifax, MA and would like to find out more about what the town has to offer? If so, then you've come to the right place. Living in Hanson, MA for 2 years now (a town bordering Halifax) I can give you some insight that you will not find anywhere else.

Halifax has a lot of water located within its geography. There are many lakes, ponds and resevoirs. Silver Lake borders the town along its western bank. In the west of town are the Robbins Reservoir, Indian Trail Reservoir and Burrage Pond. The Taunton River is part of the border of Halifax and Bridgewater, which also begins the Winnetuxet River and a few brooks that lead into town. East and West Monponsett Ponds are near the center of town. There are two swamps on either side of the Monponsett Ponds. Great Cedar Swamp is on the west and Peterson Swamp is on the east. The town also shares a small conservation area with Plympton.

Halifax is a member of the Silver Lake Regional School District. There are three towns which are within this district, Plympton, Kingston and Halifax. They operate their own elementary schools. Middle school students attend Silver Lake Regional Middle School and high school students attend Silver Lake Regional High School. Both of these schools are located in Kingston.

There are 3 Major Hospitals in close distance to Halifax. Brockton Hospital (located in Brockton, MA) which is about 12 miles, South Shore Hospital (located in South Weymouth, MA) which is about 14 miles and Caritas Good Samariitan Medical Center (located in Brockton, MA) which is about 14 miles.

These are just a few things to help make your decision about making a move to Halifax. Make sure if you do plan a move to Halifax, you find yourself a good local real estate agent to guide you through the process. Best of luck in your search!

Source by Bryan Gillis