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Condos, No longer the Cheaper Alternative

The choices for today's condo market are filled with more and more options. From the ultra luxury $ 2,000,000 plus penthouses that equal million dollar single family homes, to ultra-luxurious hotel condos, to 600 sq. ft. studios. This diversity of residences allow the growing condo market to offer many choices for every level of home buyer. The word condominium actually describes individual ownership in a multiunit structure, not the architecture of a property. In the 1970s and '80s, condominiums were thought to be a choice only for first-time home buyers and retirees. From new money rich baby boomers to retirees, luxury condo living is in demand across the country. In addition to Chicago, luxury condos have strong growth in all the major markets, including Las Vegas, South Florida, Scottsdale, New York, and Pittsburgh. According to La Jolla, Calif.-based DataQuick Information Systems, California recorded 1,677 condo sales in the $ 1 million category last year, up more than 90 percent from 879 in 2004. These luxury dwellings often include a doorman, concierge service, 24-hour monitored security and security staff, maid service, luxury spas, pools, tennis and racquetball courts, state-of-the-art fitness centers, designer appliances, top-of- the-line fixtures and lighting, marble floors, walk-in closets, wireless Internet access in all common areas, owner's lounges, business centers, wine rooms, movie theaters, and valet and underground parking. But luxury costs. Price per square foot can...

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American Bungalow Style Homes

An American Bungalow Style home is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. These homes have a characteristic main porch and are usually single floor constructions that have a warm and cozy atmosphere. The American Bungalow Style is one of the popular options of architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills. This style of home has its origins and influences in several different styles from over the world as well as many variations. The word Bungalow itself is derived from the state of Bengal in India, where the word bangla was used to describe a low roofed dwelling with a central room having many adjoining rooms leading off it – a place of rest for travellers. When you view some architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills you will realize that although a few of them are described under the head of a bungalow style home, some have the craftsmen influence, others have traces of the colonial Spanish haciendas, and some other have the look of a Japanese tea house or a Swiss chalet. However, even though there are many variations within this style of American homes, there are certain distinct characteristics that set it apart from other styles. Of the architectural designed homes in the Hollywood Hills that are of the Bungalow style, a common feature is always a covered porch or verandah, that links the outdoors to...

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Architectural Designed Homes In Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills, an affluent and expensive residential area in California, has been linked with beauty and glamor. It lies in the eastern end of Santa Monica Mountains and includes foothills, green hill, and a number of beautifully designed homes. This picturesque location is the home of many celebrities and boasts of many idiosyncratically styled homes, ranging from architectural homes of 1900s to modern designer houses. The architectural designed homes in Hollywood Hills naturally add more splendors and grandeur to this beautiful city. You can find various types of houses, including Spanish charmers, hillside cottages, gated estates, Tudor style estates, Tudor homes, mid century homes, American style bungalows and Mediterranean villas in this area. The architectural designed homes in Hollywood Hills are noted for their unique features and characteristics. This article tries to pinpoint the salient and major features of some important architectural styles found here. Tudor style architectural designed homes in Hollywood Hills typically have many characteristic features, such as massive chimneys with decorative half timbering, sharply pitched roofs, prominent cross gables, high and narrow windows, and small window panels. Some Tudor homes may have wonderfully patterned stonework or brickwork, low walls, and gables. In America, the Tudor architecture is commonly referred to as Tudor Revival Style. The Mediterranean style architectural designed homes in Hollywood Hills are renowned for their beautiful exterior colors, stucco type architecture design, low...

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Are You Looking For a Quality Lake Tahoe Property For Sale?

Think about more than just beautiful scenery when browsing the available Lake Tahoe listings – and find the property that's right for you! For most people who browse Lake Tahoe listings, the main draw is the beautiful beaches and scenery that the area has to offer. The next time you browse through available property for sale, however, you might want to think about more than just the lovely vistas and the warm summer sun. In fact, Lake Tahoe has a rich cultural history that is just as impressive as the many amenities the area has to offer. Although Tahoe has been home to many interesting people, including prehistoric nomadic Americans, Western pioneers and even Hollywood icons, the way the area was formed is perhaps the most interesting aspect of its rich history. This history dates back over 2 million years when a shift in tectonic plates under the earth's crust resulted in the volcanic activity that caused magma to push up through the faults and dam up the valley. Just 10,000 years ago, glaciers formed during the ice age and scoured out basins in the area. This led to the formation of several lakes including … Donner Lake Emerald Bay Fallen Leaf Lake Today, erosion and weathering continue to occur throughout the area. As a result, it is being filled with sediment at a rate of one foot every...

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Apartments For Sale in Javea, Spain – Your Second Holiday Home

Franco's government still influences Spanish citizens and many can recall growing up in a simpler time. There was not a lot of crime however at the same time, freedom was limited. If outsiders traveled further than the vast cities, they would find extraordinary rates of hardship. Inequality was dominant between men and women, natives and foreigners, the rich and the poor. A foreigner was likewise not allowed to purchase property. There were ways round this nonetheless they were not legal and purchasers were taking a gamble. Relief came in 1976 when Franco died. The new Spanish Government wanted currency to roll in from outside of its borders. This would be the easiest means to boost its weak economy. Spanish tourism had always been popular more than ever for the Europeans. It became legal for foreigners from many countries to rightfully pay money for property. Buying property in Spain was promoted and lovers of Spain began to invest in Javea Villas for sale. Apart from Latin Americans, British people adore Spain likely more than any other nation of the world. They love the climate. Spain promises warmth and sun kissed bronzed tans to all vacation makers. British winters can be sharp, a piece of evidence borne out by the minus-zero temperatures and heavy snowfalls. To escape it, they take off to their second homes in Spain. Javea apartments for sale...

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