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The Fort Myers Real Estate Market in 2013

After years of lethargic sales and irritating foreclosures, the Fort Myers housing market is once again in full swing thanks to a mix of real estate investors and house hunters looking to take advantage of reasonable prices and record-low mortgage interest rates before it is too late . The Southwest Florida regional market has been leading the real estate recovery of the Sunshine State in terms of stability, and Fort Myers is poised to significantly contribute to the overall improvement of the housing market in 2013. With a median home price increase of almost 30 percent in 2012 and a 13.4 percent drop in the local housing inventory, the Realtor Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach believes that the outlook for most of 2013 is positive. As expected, homes located near the beach and on islands like Sanibel are bound to attract competitive bids from investors, foreign nationals and retirees. A clear trend emerging in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral housing markets is that they are not being overtaken by speculators as they were in the early years of the 21st century. There seems to be stronger interest in vacation homes that can bring rental income, but there are also clear signs of development in the region. For example, the HealthPark campus in South Fort Myers is expanding, as well as Florida Gulf Coast University. Luxury...

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Buying a Property in Spain As an Investment

Spain is one of the cultural centers of Europe. We have the best selection luxuries Spanish property for sale. About Spanish property The target our agents are bringing you a wide selection of Spanish Properties for sale from a variety of Estate agents and private sellers throughout Spain. Whenever you wish to buy Spanish properties for sale you have two options. 1.> To buy Leasehold: Traspaso or leasehold is way to buy a small business in Spain and is widely used. In addition to low amount of initial cost you will have to pay a monthly fixed rent as long as the lease lasts. However, rent will upgraded with the official inflation per year. 2.> To buy a Freehold property: In this system of buying a Spanish property, you will have to sign a new title deed with the public notary, pay VAT on the purchase, register the purchase of the property. It is comparatively expensive and also takes a long time to finish. The major advantage of freehold property is that you will be the owner of the Spanish property. The main difference between the two options is the initial investment required and the legal ownership of the property. Spanish Property Estate Agents! Spanish property for sale will locate your ideal in Spain. If you are looking to buy in any region Spain, and then I will recommend...

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Cyprus Property For Sale and a Cyprus Country Map

Cyprus is located on the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa in the north-eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea. It covers a total of 9,251 square kilometers, with the longest length being 225 kilometers and longest width 97 kilometers. A Cyprus country map shows that the natural wealth of the island is the result of the changes of nature through time. The variety of landscapes, such as mountains, plains, valleys, cliffs, gorges, caves and steep cliffs as seen on a Cyprus country map makes Cyprus property for sale popular as it is available in so many diverse locations. Buying a villa holiday home in Cyprus in easy and many of the procedures are similar to those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Cypriot legal system and Land Registry are based on the British equivalent and have many safeguards that are not available in other countries, even within the European Union. The Cyprus country map shows that the island is small, but has many different vistas and landscapes and Cyprus property for sale can range from a small studio apartment to a bespoke luxury villa. These can be used for holiday homes, to be rented out when not in use by their owners and friends. There are also many people who are choosing to relocate to Cyprus, especially since joining the European Union as the restrictions on...

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Where to Go and What to See in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is the Mediterranean’s third largest island, and with amazing weather, a fascinating history, and more beaches than you could visit in a lifetime, it’s also becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Cyprus is, however, still a country divided. In 1974, a Turkish invasion led to the division of Cyprus into two countries: Northern (Turkish) Cyprus and Southern (Greek) Cyprus. And while the Greeks got both the larger half of the island and a larger share of the visiting tourists, the Northern (Turkish) half of the island got some amazing beaches, beautiful cities, and a lot worth visiting. Kyrenia The harbor city of Kyrenia (commonly referred to by its Turkish name, Girne) is probably the biggest tourist destination in all of North Cyprus. Built around a pretty curved harbor, the town is very much North Cyprus’s cultural center, with great museums and art galleries, and a lively nightlife. And while most visitors come to Cyprus for the great beaches and sunshine, Kyrenia has a lot more to offer than sun-soaked sand. Along the picturesque harbor is where the lively, beating heart of the city lies. With great restaurants, quiet cafes, and plenty of terrific places to shop, the harbor is where you go to relax and unwind after a day at the beach. Built behind the harbor is the city’s old town, full of tiny,...

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Great Places to Buy Property in Singapore

Property prices in Singapore are among the highest in Asia; yet this island country is a favorite among the wealthy Chinese millionaires looking to migrate outside their country. Land is scarce in Singapore and most development projects are aimed at a vertical growth. Thus it is not uncommon for old buildings to make for high rise ultra luxurious apartments. Following is a list of properties that are worth a consideration. • Sentosa Cove: This is the only place in the whole of Singapore where foreigners are allowed to buy landed property, albeit with prior approval of the Land Dealings Unit. Unlike other places, foreigners buying property in Sentosa Cove are not required to hold it for a minimum of three years before reselling it. Needless to say, property prices in Sentosa Cove are way above the rest of the country. In fact, a single property in this place is known to sell for millions of dollars. • Tanglin: This is a popular expat enclave and is amid prestigious schools and Clubs including, The Overseas Family School, The American Club, and The Tanglin Club. • River Valley: The river valley is very close to Orchard Road and the Business District. The place is popular for its many eateries and of course the Robertson Quay- a place very popular among young and trendy Singaporeans. You can choose from the several, middle...

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