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Curtains and Draperies With Perfect Pleats

If you are like me you may think that gathered curtains or draperies look so much better if each pleat is uniformly equal. Accomplishing that is easier than you may think. There are actually three different ways to approach the problem and I guarantee that, one way or another, you can achieve it. Sometimes even pleated draperies need coaxing if the fabric is springy or stiff and, of course, the best way is to pick a soft pliant fabric in the first place. This is not always possible so lets talk about how to create perfect pleats regardless of what fabric is used even including lace curtain fabric or a stiff antique satin. If the curtain or drapery material is fairly pliable the easiest first attempt would be to install the window treatment, pull each panel to one side and physically arrange the pleats evenly. Then tie them back fairly loosely both near the top and at the bottom hem. Once this is done you can spray the front and back of the pleats lightly with a solution of water with a small amount of alcohol added. Do this using a very fine spray without soaking the fabric. You just want a mist on the surface. You might also rub your fingers lightly on each pleat while they are still moist forming them into a nice round shape. Leave...

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Santa Ana Residences For Sale

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