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Fun on the Beach With a Cyprus Holiday Villa

Lie back, close your eyes and dream of the beach in Cyprus, a holiday villa intrude into your thoughts? Well if it does, then you must get onto the internet quick and type in “beach Cyprus holiday villa” and take a good look at what comes up.. Cyprus is the preferred location for many who are looking to relocate or buy a holiday home for personal use and/or investment and rentals. The main issues in its favour are; a fantastic climate, English is widely spoken, driving on the left with the same road signs as home and voted the best retirement location by the Homebuyer & Property Investor Show. Cyprus property for sale also benefits from low buying and selling costs and taxation compared to other EU countries. Just compare the prices of an on the beach Cyprus holiday villa to other countries and be amazed! Why not book yourself some cheap car hire in Cyprus, driving maps are usually located in the glove box so you can explore and take a look at any beach for a Cyprus holiday villa. There are many to be had and by looking around you will find the most suitable location to invest in your very own piece of beach and Cyprus holiday villa. Just imagine relaxing on the beach in Cyprus and the holiday villa right next to you is yours,...

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Short Sale Tips for Sellers

Selling your home as a short sale and finding a real estate professional who knows how to handle your home and the transaction properly can feel like walking through a minefield. Lots of agents want the listings, but you need to find someone with some very specific qualifications because of the intricacies involved in handling the short sale process. Selecting someone other than an experienced professional can lead to worse problems than you have now. Below is some information to help you select the right agent to list your home. Training Agents that list short sales for sale know that these transactions are more complicated than a traditional sale. Good agents will know that they need specialized training to handle and organize the additional details. Make sure your agent has at least one of the nationally recognized certifications. Of course, we all know that training isn’t everything, but this will at least narrow your field to a smaller list of agents who have taken the time and care to take the additional step of perfecting the trade knowledge. Experience Ask if the agent has ever closed a short sale listing. It’s a reasonable request and will let you begin to see if you are going to be working with someone who has done this before. An agent should be able to tell you that they have listings, have some...

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Mastering the Female Orgasm – Female Orgasms 101

Men, hold on to your hats! You are about to be let in on a whole new world of secrets! A world that has the power to confuse, mystify, and bewilder… The world of the female orgasm! The female body is a complex work of art – beautiful to look at, but difficult to figure out… especially when it comes to orgasm. Here are some quick facts about the female orgasm: – Average length of time it takes a woman to have an orgasm: 20 minutes. Average length of time it takes a man: 2-5 minutes. – Half of girls have had an orgasm by the time they’re 16 years old. – 44% of men say their female partners always have orgasms when they have sex. 22% of women say they always have orgasms when they have sex. Hummmm! – About 1% of women are able to achieve orgasm solely through breast stimulation. – 63% of college women say they’ve had multiple orgasms. – The G-spot is named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, the first modern doctor to write about it. Many men find it difficult to understand the female sexual response cycle simply because it differs so much from their own. Here is a brief overview of what happens during a female orgasm: Stimulation of clitoris Tension build-up is caused within pelvis Tension is finally released and orgasm is...

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V8 Supercars

V8 Supercars is a touring car racing category based in Australia and some statistics say that it only ranks in popularity behind cricket and Australian Rules. It is the most popular motorsport category in the country and has a steady following also in New Zealand due to a race event being held in the town of Hamilton each year. Apart from racing in every state in Australia it also travels to Bahrain to race on the Formula 1 circuit there. There are 2 manufacturers involved in the series (Ford and Holden) and are loosely based on the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore road cars which have been the 2 most purchased cars in the country. This has thought to have resulted in the motor racing term “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”. There are many famous names associated with the v8 Supercars history (the category itself was originally known as Group A Touring Cars) with the likes of Peter Brock, Larry Perkins, Dick Johnson, Jim Richards just to name a few with the present day names Craig Lowndes, Jamie Whincup and Garth Tander more recognisable in the present day racing. One of the pinnacles of the legendary category is the endurance race of the year, “The Bathurst 1000” held each October in the town of Bathurst, NSW(obviously). The race is run over the length of 1000 kms around a...

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