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Niccolo Machiavelli, "The Morals of the Prince"

In “The Morals of the Prince,” Niccolo Machiavelli argues the various methods of being a successful prince. He states that a prince cannot always be good, and if he wants to keep his post he must learn not to be good. Basically, Machiavelli states that if you are too generous, the non-generous people will take advantage of you and will take away your power. If a prince doesn’t want to rob his people and avoid poverty, he must be a miser, or greedy. This is what keeps a prince in power. Machiavelli always states that it is better for a ruler to be merciful than to be cruel. A ruler must be somewhat cruel in order to keep his subjects united and loyal, yet he must be merciful as to not drive always his subjects. Also, Machiavelli believes that it was better to be feared than loved. He believes it is simply safer and that the nature of man makes it harder to overthrow a feared leader than a loved one. I agree with most of the points Machiavelli makes. I do believe that you cannot be too generous to your subjects or well they will take advantage of you. Many of the great rulers who were too generous to the people ended up in bloodshed because of small things that the ruler overlooked. You must keep guard and...

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5 Steps To Creating Meaningful Strategic And Action Plans

Becoming the best leader, you might possibly be, doesn’t generally occur, either by accident, or without thoroughly developing and enhancing one’s skill – set, in order to possess a quality aptitude, combined with proceeding, consistently, with a positive, can – do, attitude! When one commences, in this manner, he, then, realizes, it’s essential, to perceive, and conceive of, create, develop, and implement, a relevant action plan, which is based on quality, effective, strategic planning. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, consider, review, and discuss, the need, for comprehensive, strategic planning, which inspires, a true leader, to implement, a relevant, sustainable, effective, action plan. Here are 5 steps, for creating these. 1. Historic/ heritage: Nearly every organization, has some, differentiating aspects, in regards to its history and/ or heritage. Before contemplating what’s needed, it’s essential to possess a thorough understanding, and appreciating for what this group has done, meant, and/ or represented, in the past, and the best way, to proceed forward, respecting and maintaining these, while evolving in a relevant, sustainable manner. 2. Mission, vision, and needed, tweaks: What is the mission of the particular organization, and is it still relevant, to today’s evolving world, and society? Why should potential stakeholders, because interested, involved, committed members, and participants? Is the existing vision, still, a meaningful, relevant one, for society? Fully consider, what should be...

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How to Increase Penis Size With Your Hands

“It DOUBLED my confidence and self-esteem!” exclaimed a 36-year-old man in an email to me recently. He was referring to the natural techniques on how to increase penis size with your hands. Impotence is becoming alarmingly common in our society today. More and more married men are depressed because they are no longer capable of penile erection. Some men can maintain erection only for a short time. Usually, whenever a man and woman begins to quarrel and accuse each other of cheating, be rest assured that something is wrong with their sexual life. Many marriages break up because of small penis size and failure to achieve strong erection. For a man, there is nothing as humiliating and depressing as having a small penis or impotence. The good news for you today is that you can increase penis size with your hands. You will be using your hands to exercise your penis to achieve your desired size gain. The only requirement is the discipline to diligently do all the exercises. They are actually very simple penis exercises anyone can do at home or in the office. Recent medical clinical trials have tested and proven that penis exercises can practically increase penis length and girth. The same clinical trials also found out that apart from the increase in penis size, you will be able to cure premature ejaculation and keep a...

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How to Wash a Microbead Pillow

Every so often, after repeated use, or due to messy accidents, micro bead pillows will need to be cleaned. Unlike memory foam or down pillows where only the pillowcase may be washed, micro bead pillows may be washed, just as long as proper measures are taken in order to prevent the pillow from being destroyed. On many micro bead pillows, the tag suggests that they may only be spot treated. This can be done by scrubbing the spot or spots out with soapy water or any other gentle cleaning solution; bleach should never be used. However, people with young children or animals often find that the pillow may be too dirty to clean by the spot treating method. Microbead pillows may be washed in the washing machine as long as you are careful. It is important that the pillow is first placed in another pillowcase with the end tied off so it does not fall out during the wash. The pillowcase prevents the microbead pillow from falling apart through the tumbling and rushing water. It is the pillowcase that takes the beating while the microbead pillow remains safe inside while still receiving the cleaning that it needs. A detergent meant for fine fabrics or wool, such as Woolite should be used to further prevent possible tearing of the fabric. Again, no detergent with bleach should be used because it...

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Bounce House Rentals – 7 Reasons to Rent

Bounce houses add a whole new dimension to a birthday party. They are a huge hit with kids and adults alike. They keep the kids entertained for hours on end and give the adults some breathing space and time to socialize. They also make the party look more appealing and attractive. Inflatables were once considered a luxury available only for purchase however nowdays they can also be rented on a daily or even weekly basis depending on the occasion. Below are just a few reasons to rent a bounce house for your kid's next big birthday bash: 1. Bounce House Rentals are Safe and Secure: Inflatables are totally safe and secure for children. Their inflated structure and rubber composition makes for a nice soft landing pad in case kids lose their balance while jumping up and down. They have no hard or sharp edges or other hazards. Child safety is an important part of their design and each rental Inflatables is carefully inspected before it is dispatched for use. 2. Numerous Inflatables Designs Themes: This is one of the best features of Inflatables. They come in numerous popular themes, carefully designed to add a nice touch to the event. Inflatables can be of many shapes ranging from physical structures such as a castles or barns to animals like structures such as turtles. 3. Inflatables Are Fun: This is a...

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