An essential piece of equipment in lifting and transporting heavy materials, forklifts are powerful trucks which are intended for use in construction sites and warehouses. Continuing development and expanded use of the forklift over the years has resulted in different forklift parts being available as add-ons to the forklift.

A typical forklift contains roll clamps, carton clamps and rotators as standard forklift parts. Roll clamps are attachments (they can be mechanical or hydraulic) which squeeze the item to be moved. They are extensively used for handling barrels or paper rolls.

On the other hand, carton clamps, are hydraulic attachments which enable the forklift to open and close around a load, squeezing it to pick it up. Carton clamps are used to move products like cartons, boxes and bales. Rotators assist in the handling of skids that may have become excessively tilted and other specialty material handling needs.

Forklift parts chosen judiciously as add-ons can really add tremendous value to a forklift. As forklifts are available in many variations and load capacities, standard attachments too have to be purchased or rented according to nature of use of the forklift ie if it is being used in a warehouse, construction site or shipping terminal.

In San Jose, California, there are many good establishments where you can buy those parts. One of these is San Jose Forklift, which opened in 1966. Other vendors where you can buy or rent forklift parts in San Jose, California are Sunrise Forklift, Bay Area Fork Lift and Pro-Lift. These are just a few of the establishments in San Jose. You need not look for forklift parts outside the city as there are plenty in San Jose itself.

Keeping in mind that forklifts are actually mini-trucks, you also have to replace the tires in your bought or rented forklift from time to time. Generally, all the forklift part selling establishments have a stock of new forklift tires too. And one word of advice, if your parts are new and expensive, make sure they come with a guarantee from the manufacturer or seller. This makes sense if the forklift parts get spoiled prematurely.

Source by Jackson P