Doing a California inmate search can be more difficult than you would at first think. The problem is that the inmate record and arrest records in California are broken down by County and in some cases by city. To do an inmate search across the entirety of California means that you need to look through all of these different websites to find the information you need.

To make things worse, each one of these websites present its information in a different way, meaning there is no one simple method for searching for inmates.

For instance, in Alameda County, there is a web search feature where you can type a person's first and last name to find the information you are looking for. However, in Chico, the information is provided as a PDF file which is updated weekly.

In Chula Vista, the information is presented as a drop-down list of names which need to click on to access the records of the person you're interested in. Also, they only present last week's information.

In Glenn County, the inmate search information is presented as a list of different Microsoft Word documents that you need to download onto your computer before you can search them.

Most of the sites offer information sorted by date, which means that you need to download many different documents and search each one of them to try and find records concerning one particular person.

Now consider that the records for federal inmates are stored completely differently and on a different website, you can see that it becomes extremely complicated just to do just a California inmate search. Now let's consider the fact that you'll probably need to search in different states because a particular inmate may have been moved to a prison in a different state, and you'll find out that this is an extremely time-consuming process.

Luckily there is a new website which makes it possible for you to do all your research in one place. It gathers information from all the different inmate search services across the Internet, as well as court records, police records and jail records to make sure that you get all the information you need. All you need to do is go to one website into a simple search and you'll get an answer without any effort.

Source by Sammy Salamis