California accounts for 90% of the wine production in America. If California was a separate country, it would be the fourth largest wine producer in the world. Californian white wine and red wine is grown throughout this entire state in America and offers its grape grower a great range of climates, and a diverse geography where over a hundred different types of grapes can be grown.

California was first introduced to vines in the 18th century by the Spanish, these vines where cuttings from Mexico. This wine was mainly used for religious sacraments and until the 20th century the grape that was used called the Mission Grape was the most dominant among wine production. In the 19th century the Californian gold rush brought many new people into the state to seek the gold, meaning that the population grew and so did the local demand for wine. From this some of California's oldest wineries were produced and these played a big role in building the California wine industry.

Vineyards in California have a very diverse geography which mean it can support and grow other countries grapes to produce its own style of California white wine and red wine. The main wine regions are found between the Pacific Coast and the Central Valley. The different levels of topography offer cool winds and fogs to balance out too much heat and sunshine. There are a few hazards in California that threaten the vineyards such as drought and springtime frost, however most of California will receive sufficient amount of rainfall and vineyard owners will invest in wind machines, sprinklers and other apparatus that will keep the vineyard form freezing. California's climate can be classified as Mediterranean; however the cool currents that come off the Pacific means that it can also be described as having a continental climate, which means all different types of grapes can be grown.

The seven leading grape varieties are Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, and Zinfandel.

The most known California White Wine is Chardonnay and is from the grapes Pinot Noir and Gouais Blanc. The grapes are grown in vineyards that are situated on cool valleys to stop the fruit from ripening to quickly keeping the alcohol level down low. This Californian white wine is crisp, with elements of citrus and green flavors. Chardonnay is sometimes aged in oak barrels witch can sometimes be the main flavor with this wine. A great Californian Chardonnay will be full bodied with tropical flavors, a full lasting taste, and a tasty oak body.

Source by Andrew Roberts