Cyprus is located on the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa in the north-eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea. It covers a total of 9,251 square kilometers, with the longest length being 225 kilometers and longest width 97 kilometers. A Cyprus country map shows that the natural wealth of the island is the result of the changes of nature through time.

The variety of landscapes, such as mountains, plains, valleys, cliffs, gorges, caves and steep cliffs as seen on a Cyprus country map makes Cyprus property for sale popular as it is available in so many diverse locations. Buying a villa holiday home in Cyprus in easy and many of the procedures are similar to those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Cypriot legal system and Land Registry are based on the British equivalent and have many safeguards that are not available in other countries, even within the European Union.

The Cyprus country map shows that the island is small, but has many different vistas and landscapes and Cyprus property for sale can range from a small studio apartment to a bespoke luxury villa. These can be used for holiday homes, to be rented out when not in use by their owners and friends. There are also many people who are choosing to relocate to Cyprus, especially since joining the European Union as the restrictions on living here have all but gone for EU citizens.

Cyprus is considered a low taxation, low benefit country which offers many financial advantages to those looking to work or start up their own companies. The islands strategic location for companies operating within Europe and the Middle East, its excellent climate, the well developed infrastructure and the plentiful supply of highly qualified and skilled work force are some of the pluses that have placed Cyprus on the map as a successful business center . Also its public administration system and defined legal framework have contributed in developing high standard professional services in all areas of business activity – especially the accounting, banking, legal, and tourism sectors.

As the island is so compact it is possible to enjoy all it has to offer and with such a historic and legendary background it is surprisingly surprising that Cyprus has developed a character which is quite unique. It is blessed with natural beauty that ranges from golden beaches and rugged coastlines to rolling hills and forest clad mountains, dotted with picturesque villages and a Cyprus country map shows the locations where buying a villa holiday home in Cyprus are most popular.

Nurtured by the warm Mediterranean sun, Cyprus fruit and vegetables are so tasty that all visitors comment on them and they are ripe, juicy, tasty and very inexpensive. There are markets and many roadside stalls are a fever of color, with fruit and vegetables of every variety, size and hue.

All the above are just some of the reasons to consider joining many others in grabbing a Cyprus country map and looking for Cyprus property for sale, whether part-time or permanent location you will love all the island has to offer.

Source by Kate Deas-Smith