Delray Beach is located in Palm Beach County in the State of Florida. It is strategically located 28 miles North of Ft. Lauderdale and 20 miles South of Palm Beach. It is actually one of the well-recognized beach areas in Florida. The place has been ranked number 2 "Best Family Beaches" and "Best Sandcastle Building Beaches" in South Florida. This means that beaches in Delray Beach have great qualities to be considered as such. With nice qualities and great location, Delray Beach homes for sale are also top features that make this little beach town charming and really pleasing in the eyes of home seekers and professional real estate investors.

* Beach perfect climate

When compared with other parts of Florida, the weather condition in Delray Beach is one that can be considered amazingly great almost all-year round. During summers, the heat is something that can be defined as subtle and suitable for warm beach exposure. Summers are great and long enough to enjoy the outdoor sports that many beach enthusiasts are looking forward to. The adorable city has been popular for its amenities and facilities that provide the chance for people to enjoy fishing, boating, kite boarding and surfing, boogie boarding, kayaking amongst the few. With the abundance of activities that is offered for residents and visitors alike, for sure the place is one of the top favorites when beach homes is being talked about.

* Award-winning natural qualities

Imagine living in a place that can allow you to enjoy sparkling, white sandy beaches anytime you want to. With the record of being rated as one of the "Top 35 Beaches" in the entire America, who can just ignore the calling arms of many beautiful homes listed in Delray Beach MLS. Lined along the beaches are plenty of romantic restaurants and eating establishments that are great locations for people looking for a romantic getaway or quality time with the whole family during weekends.

Art and jazz festivals are celebrated twice a month in this part of Florida, which is greatly appreciated by people who just loves the art and music. In addition to this, there are also art fairs and art walks that are organized every year. Museums and nature centers are also present in Delray Beach giving more great places to be proud of by most residents of this charming little beach town.

* Flourishing Delray Beach real estate developments

The developments in the downtown area are continuous and very flourishing. New designs and styles of homes and condominiums are being showcased after another. This is a good opportunity for people who are looking for beautiful Delray Beach homes for sale and other Delray Beach real estate properties to invest in. If you would observe, you would notice that the decline of real estate prices did not affect the enthusiasm of developers to come up with a more distinguished diversity in newly developed homes and condos. This is good news for people who are searching for contemporary designed homes at a price that is really attractive and moderately affordable even for average-earning individuals.

* Heavily powered tourism industry
Since the place has been well acknowledged by many tourists from all over the world, this is one great feature that makes a place a good choice for investment. Tourism is one of the most profitable industries in the County of Palm Beach, Florida in which this interesting city is part of. This also means that local employment would be vibrant as ever providing more job opportunities for residents who choose to be part of the charming population of this part Palm Beach County, Florida.

Source by Julius R Thompson