Now that spring is upon us and it is time to plant, you will need some stock to plant. This is the time to go to your local nurseries and your local discount houses plus any hardware stores that carry plants and find the best deal you can. You will want to start this process early. As spring progresses and the plants start gaining in size while they are at the nursery, the price also will increase. Local discount houses and hardware stores treat their plants in a similar way. There is care and feeding involved, and employee's time, and setting up displays of the new plants. All of these things add to the cost of the plants.

If you take advantage of getting the plants when they are new and young from the nursery or the hardware store, you can get the best price possible. If it is not quite time to plant them, then you can expose them to the sunshine during the day, and move them undercover at night. If you are past the time of year when you have any hard freezing going on, then really all you need to do is cover the plants was some sort of like fabric to keep any frost from landing on the leaves of the plants. If you are still experiencing extremely cold weather at night, you may want to make sure that you put your plants inside of a building at night. Preferably the building should have some sort of heat that you can control. This would be in case the weather drops way below freezing at night.

The goal here is to find plants at a very reasonable price to cut the costs of the stock you need to put in your garden. By getting the plants early you can do the work of watering and feeding and making sure they're covered at night so you will not lose any of the young and tender plants. By going to the nursery early you also stand the best chance of getting the best choice of new plants. Keep an eye out at all of your locations as spring rolls along because most nurseries will increase the varieties of plants they stock. As a general rule, ground plants and vegetable seedlings will fall into the categories of plants that you can get the best deals on. Shrubs and trees very rarely will qualify for great deals. You may find your best chance for shrubs and tree deals, is at the end of the season.

As long as you buy your shrubs and trees before they have gone dormant and give them a chance to get started, you should be fine bringing them home and getting them planted. They will need some time to get adjusted before they go dormant, so do not wait too late to buy them and get them in the ground. Many nurseries will allow you to buy your trees or shrubs and leave them at the nursery until the following spring. You can have them tag the plants that you pick out, and just leave them to winter over in the nursery like any unsold stock from that year. This is also a great reason to go back to the nursery early the following spring, and pick up your new ground stock and any trees or shrubs that you have bought, and take them back and build your gardens. Spend some time looking for sales and try to stretch your dollars so that you can build bigger and better gardens.

Source by John Rowe