From Redwood Forests and historic towns to rolling pastures and world-class golf courses, the California coastline has a variety of landscapes and ocean views for you to enjoy. Have you ever considered owning ocean-front property? Do you love California, and would like to know how you can buy land here? If you are looking for some great central coast California real estate, here are some places for you to check out!

* Central Coast Online

From Santa Barbara to San Francisco, California has some of the best coastal properties anywhere in the world. Live in the beautiful hills of Santa Barbara with views of the Pacific Ocean or in the quaint artistic town of Cambria. If you are into golf, how about buying property near Monterey, home of the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course and the setting for John Steinbecks famous Cannery Row. No matter what you enjoy, Central Coast Online has plenty of properties to help you find your perfect location.

* Farm and Ranch

Would you like to own some of the best ranchland anywhere? Imagine the thrill of horseback riding on the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean and knowing that you own this beautiful oasis. If you are in the market for a farm or ranch that would be the envy of all your friends, check out Farm and Ranch for some great central coast California real estate.

* Ocean Front Properties

Why not escape to your quiet ocean front cottage near Santa Cruz or your cabin near Big Sur. There are plenty of exotic and picturesque places along the coastline of California for you to call your own. Ocean Front Properties have many listings for you to check out. You are sure to find just the right place for you.

* Santa Barbara Homes and Land

Imagine living in the beautiful and relaxed environment of Santa Barbara while being only a short drive from Los Angeles. You can have the best of both worlds. With all the entertainment venues and world-class dining and dancing establishments in Los Angeles, you can live the high life and then escape to the quiet solitude of your Santa Barbara retreat. Santa Barbara Homes and Land has plenty of listings to help you make your decision.

* Loopnet

With all the hurry up lifestyle of the cities these days, wouldn't it be nice to get away to your cozy little cabin tucked against the pine forest of big sur. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, there is plenty of open space for you to find that secluded little hideaway and restore your sanity. Loopnet offers many choices and sizes of properties. Your perfect central coast California real estate is just waiting for you to claim it. Check out all the outstanding options they have for you.

Source by Ian Pennington