Looking to sell your home? The Buyer's first impression of your home is critical and that starts as they drive past your home or into your driveway. A Buyer will make an opinion about your home within the first 15 seconds. Take time to trim the hedges, edge the driveway, give a fresh coat of paint to the shutters, and hang a seasonal wreath on your front door. Other items to consider are:

  • Replacing dated coach lights – believe it or not, updated lighting can add to the appeal of the home. Buyers will be driving by your home day and night. A well lit home makes the home appear more friendly and safe.
  • The front door should be inviting to include a fresh doormat to welcome your Buyers. Create a welcoming impression versa an impression of a dirty, worn-out door mat.
  • Adding fresh mulch, replacement stone, and colorful pots of flowers to landscaping beds will enhance the ambiance of your front yard.
  • Remove any extra vehicles, campers, or children's toys from the driveway – you want to showcase the home, not your personal items.
  • Replace a deferred mailbox and make sure the address numbers are easily identified from the road to assist potential buyers in locating your home.
  • Pressure wash the exterior of the home (especially white or light colored siding). Or if the siding is in need of repair or replacement, consider both options.
  • If time has passed the holiday season – be sure to remove all holiday d├ęcor and decorative lighting that reflects the season! You do not want to have Christmas lights hanging from your gutters in June!

If a Buyer senses too much work or maintenance needed on the exterior at first glance, they assume the same is true for the interior. Stand at the curb and assess the home and all maintenance items that need to be taken care of before placing the "For Sale" sign in your front yard. Once you are completed with the front of your home, do the very same thing for the sides and back of your home.

When you are trying to sell your home, you do not want to use the caption "Not a Drive By". This is commonly used when the curve appealing is lacking. If the Buyer loves the way a house looks from the street, they will certainly be more enticed to come and take a look inside! These staging tips should help you get started with your home sale process to move you quickly to your next destination!

Source by Tiffany Holtz