Have you ever walked into a flea market or thrift store and saw highway signs for sale? You probably wonder what anyone would ever do with a sign that used to hang on one of America's many roadways. You would actually be surprised at the amazing things that you can do with these pieces of art. Think outside the proverbial box and think how you can wow your friends and family with some unique décor.

The Man Cave

Sure, when you see highways signs for sale you're thinking someone lock them. Actually, it's very common for towns to replace their signage every few years. When this happens, they get rid of the old ones. They can go to workers or be sold at local auctions for a piece of history. They make the perfect addition for the "man cave." Metal signs have become a huge part of decorations in a space that is dedicated for men. What would look more awesome than a large stop sign or other sign hanging at the entrance? Scatter them along the many walls and see what kind of collections you can come up with. The thoughts are really endless when it comes to what you can do with your signage in a man cave.

A Work Garage

Most men like to have a garage where there can tinker with various things. Since they have to spend so much time in this space anyway, why not add some decorative elements to spice up the area? Men like the quirky things that women would not 'look twice at. They love arrows pointing in all different directions and the traffic stop lights. Perhaps, it is the engineering part of it that seems to draw them to such pieces of art. It could have been the fact that most of these signs were taken off a road and it brings out their inner bad boy. What boy did not try to take a street sign as an act of rebellion growing up?

A Movie Room

So many homes these days have theater rooms that allow the family to come together and watch movie or TV on a big screen. This dedicated space must have appropriate décor to really enhance the viewing. Grabbing some highway signs for sale will not only complete the space, it will be a walk down memory lane each time you walk through the door. Do not buy a picture that has no historical value and is mass produced, why not buy a piece of history and create a look that is dazzling?

A Boy's Bedroom

Little boys love trains, cars, and airplanes. Why not add some highway signs into the mix of any of these themed rooms? Not only will it really look like their room is a station complete with signs, but it can do wonders for their interactive play.

There are so many things that you can do with old highways signs, the sky is really the limit. There is no right or wrong way to use them. Do not settle for some mundane art work, use real signs from highways across the country to add a splash of character to your home.

Source by John Kely