More than 80 percent of potential homebuyers begin their search on the internet, according to the Casden Real Estate Economics Forecast at the University of Southern California. Virtual tours help prospective buyers decide which houses to see in person. In addition:

o Forty million Americans have used the Internet to view virtual tours of homes.

o About three million people are online on any given day looking for a new place to live. They are sure to look at real estate videos.

o More than 60% of Internet house hunters have been online for three years or longer.

o Some 46% of broadband users have house-hunted online. Users with larger bandwidth are more likely to view real estate videos.

o The National Association of Realtors found that 71% of all homebuyers used the Internet as a search and research tool. and other online services have become critical for home sellers and their real estate agents. Even the most casual YouTube search can yield thousands of real estate videos, some done well, and others not so much.

For example, some real estate videographers still use a virtual tour style that puts the viewer inside a room and looking around in a circle. This can give prospective buyers a distorted view of the home with too much of a "fisheye" style.

Other keys to a real estate video's success are:

o Crisp and Glossy Images, not warped
o Perfect Window Shots with no glare
o Larger Viewer Window that does not increase download time
o Agent / Business E-mail and Website Links

Also remember that having your videos with as many hosts as possible is key and making keyword tagging and descriptive information crucial. Video syndication is also vital to selling homes.

Last but not least, please be careful about setting your video to music. Everyone's taste is different, and there is nothing worse than trying to have a positive view of a house when listening to a tune you find equivalent to fingernails on a chalkboard. If you must use music, use your common sense and play music that fits the property like jazz for an urban loft and classical for an old Victorian.

Back to the picture – if it says a thousand words, than a well-done real estate video must shout out a million. With today's market, a million may be just what you need.

Source by Dave Holmes