Why am I not getting any sales? What are the proper marketing techniques?

These are questions I hear a lot from many people beginning their online business. To make more money online, of course you must know how to use proper marketing techniques online. Once you get this down and it's not rocket science you will start to see the money rolling in.

Using Proper Marketing techniques to increase sales with your "website".

What many people don't realize or maybe they are in denial but what we must do first before we get started with any business online is to take a hard look at your website or the affiliate website you are marketing. Lets elaborate on this a little more. A lot of the time when I see an interesting website that catches my attention, I first read the headline. Your website must contain a powerful eye catching headline. One thing that is proven to increase the effectiveness of your headline is by adding quotation marks to it. Another thing I should add to this is that Some people for odd reasons hide the price of what they are advertising. Most of the time after reading the headline most people will scroll straight down to the bottom of the website and search for the price of what your promoting and if they feel they can afford it or if your price is high then they will continue reading your sales copy to make sure that they are getting their money's worth. Next up of course is your sales copy. Your sales copy must always contain some useful information about what your customer will learn if they buy what you are selling. Some of the Most effective sales letters are the ones that don't seem like they are selling you something but more like they are telling you a story and then of course they get the readers attention.

Using proper marketing techniques to Increase sales with "Email Marketing"

Using proper marketing techniques means that you are using a good autoresponder to increase your sales. Of course for people doing affiliate marketing this is one thing that they are missing out on. Email Marketing has been around for years and many successful entrepreneur use this tool to dramatically increase sales. It is very important to use this tool properly and it should never be used to spam people. What many people do is offer something of great value for free, this way the reader signs up to your auto responder and you can follow up on this client automatically. One trick that is used a lot now a days is by personalizing the message. What I mean by this is adding the readers name to headline of your email message. This will increase the chances of them opening up and reading your message.

Using Proper Marketing techniques to increase sales with "Pay Per Click Marketing"

There is a reason why pay per click will fall under this "Proper Marketing Techniques" category and to most this is a secret and its the reason why 95% of all internet marketers are failing. The reason why they are failing is because they advertise in the wrong place or to the wrong group of people. See, The reason why I say they're all advertising in the wrong places is because they're not targeting their niche closely enough Or in some cases they're not reaching their niche at all. Sad but true, right now there are thousand of people paying for clicks on Googleadwords.com or overture.com and they are paying a chunk of change out of their pockets. why? There is nothing wrong with this and this can be one of the best places to advertise but YOU have to know how to use them properly. The simple answer of why the are failing is that these marketers are paying for broad clicks. Broad clicks that get clicked from an entire mass audience. These people don't know the true meaning of proper marketing techniques and that is why keywords such as "Business opportunities", "Make Money", and "Internet Marketing" are very expensive. These people are getting high amounts of clicks but those clicks are not targeted to your website. You will end up losing money before you ever make any. There is a smarter group and this group of people have chosen their keywords very carefully. Lets talk about this group of people that actually understand the power of using specific keywords that are targeted and appeal to their niche market. These people will use keywords like "Trout fishing books", "trout fishing lures", "Southern California real estate", "Florida homes for sale". By using a more closely targeted group of keywords you will spend less on Marketing and make more money because you understand that being very specific and targeting your niche keywords carefully, you'll be able to easily and effectively reach your target, niche audience that you 're after. And you'll be able to reach them for less money than your competitors who don't have this information or knowledge.

Source by Cesar Sabillon