Istanbul was first settled by Thracian tribes at 6th millennium BC From that time until today, Istanbul has been a popular city due to its geopolitical position and being on two continents; therefore it is a land that different cultures and religions came together, lived peacefully and have a strong bond with each other.

The mixture of cultures can be seen in any part of Istanbul. Various ethnic groups, different religions and people from all around the world can live altogether and each one of them can find something in Istanbul that makes them feel like home. Taking a ferry across the Bosphorus and throw bagels to seagulls, taking a walk in the Historical Peninsula and visiting mosques and palaces, having a tea or coffee at the Camlica Hill and relax with the view of Istanbul. There are countless things you can do, see, taste, smell and experience in Istanbul. To discover what makes you feel like home you should visit Istanbul and look for properties for sale in Istanbul.

One day or a week is not enough to understand and feel Istanbul. It is a lifelong experience that every single person should have, at least in some part of their lives. Once you start to consider Istanbul your second home, be sure it will not take long, you will feel like you need more and more time to see every aspect of Istanbul no matter how much you have seen. Sightseeing, by itself, is not enough to show the beauties and wonders. You should talk to the locals and visit local markets, have some tea with them and you will realize how many things you have in common. Because Istanbul is like a melting pot that contains traces and marks of different cultures.

The ideas you take during your tour offers you different experiences. Even if your route has the same, common places each individual can have unique feelings about those places. It does not matter if you are going from Anatolian to European side or through the coastline parallel to the Bosphorus or if you are walking around the Historical Peninsula. You will have different experiences each time you take the tour depending on if it is day or night, your mood, the weather. Istanbul is, indeed, a lifelong experience and to feel it you should live in Istanbul and you should start looking for properties for sale in Istanbul .

Source by Kurt OZ