Property taxes are said to be levies which came from the government on an owner’s personal and real property. The house is evaluated so its value can be determined and such value is subject to tax. The amount which is said to be taxable is identified by multiplying the fair market value of the house with the current tax rate.

Property taxes are also referred to as the realty taxes because they are normally charged against real estate. There are different kinds of the said taxes such as the personal property taxes and evaluated. They are then charged separately from a real estate property tax, which covers personal assets like cars, motorcycles, boats and campers.

The local governments such as cities and counters get their revenues from property taxes. Normally, these taxes are utilized for government administration and expenses intended for first responders. These are the law enforcers, paramedics and fire fighters. In addition to that, the revenues are then spent on local courts and assist to pay for public facilities like parts, community programs, civic centers, schools, libraries and more. Generally, school districts get huge portion of the earnings from them.

They have several advantages. One of them is, taxes are administrative and are legal which you can be acceptable in any case. These taxes are unavoidable and thus they can easily be collected from all tax payers.

They are also said to be transparent. Majority of tax payers understand the idea of the market value and so they highly appreciate the evaluation process. There is also a good relation between the ability to pay and the value of the house which is evaluated. And the good thing about these taxes is it is a good source of earners for local government agencies.

But it is not always a happy ending for these property taxes. The taxes also have shares of drawbacks. One is they are not that known to the public. Thus, they also have imperfections.

The said transparency can also have inconsistencies. These issues can then be exaggerated by the public once they found out about the issues.

Since it is said to be confidential, the real results of the evaluated property can sometimes become questionable.

When in terms of property tax, every land or house is evaluated. No matter how big or small it is, it will undergo the standard assessment process. This covers the land and other permanent building connected to it. Since real property taxes are evaluated, not all of them are also subject to tax. Some of them can also be exempted like war veterans and homeowners who are qualified for STAR program otherwise known as School Tax Relief.

Source by Flynna Sarah Molina