A tour of the Sycamore community situated in Danville, California narrated by Mary Robbins, Spouse and Co-founder of Empire Realty Associates.

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In here you will uncover:
one. Age – newer than Greenbrook or Danville station neighborhoods and homes a very little more high priced since of that.
2. Whole lot size – typical one/4 acres
3. Massive white indications characteristic of Sycamore
4. Reworked homes – motive people today like to remodel here is since Greenbrook competes with East Aspect Danville on price tag. The homes here are more mature and the lot sizes are larger so transforming here can get paid greater returns.
5. Small club household
6. Purpose identified as Sycamore – hundreds of Sycamore trees during this community
7. Massive club household
eight. Townhomes and duets


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