What is Occupational therapy?

As therapists, we get the job done on recommending interventions dependent on standard enhancement. We go to colleges to discover about how small children discover normally to discover new intervention strategies to put into your child’s strategy. We get the job done on pinpointing their requires, modifying the environment close to them, adapting their routines and teaching new techniques.

For instance, we use applications these kinds of as mastering how to tie our shoes. We can use slant boards to adapt in the classroom. We have all distinctive kinds of scissors to discover high-quality motor coordination. We use distinctive forms of paper for handwriting. There’s a million strategies to adapt the environment.

We get the job done in a wide range of configurations. We get the job done in colleges, properties, hospitals, and scientific configurations just like this.

Very last, we get the job done on a wide range of requires. We get the job done on developmental requires, as we outlined ahead of. We get the job done on academic requires, items in school and items that are going to assist your little one discover new techniques. We get the job done on damage connected requires, these kinds of as if your little one experienced surgical procedures, if they broke their arm. Points like that, acquiring them again to what they like to do. Very last, we get the job done on emotional actions requires. These are items that anyone manages through the day. But from time to time young ones have a hard time regulating their systems, we get the job done with them to discover techniques and coping techniques to assist them by means of these hard occasions.

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We dealt with small children with particular requires, which consists of autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other developmental delays.

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